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Each of these gardens take between three months and three years to become established and thriving ecosystems. ​ Careful planning, pruning and patience come together to create these almost entirely self-sufficient little worlds. They contain some of the most ancient plants on Earth, mosses, liverworts and ferns.

They are carefully put together with true miniatures and slow growing plants that will not outgrow the vessel for some time. With minimal maintenance, they can last for years and years.

The key is balancing the moisture and establishing a water cycle.  The plants transpire water through their leaves, it collects on the glass and "rains" back into the soil to be reused.  The container also serves to create a micro-climate void of severe shifts in humidity and temperature which often shocks and kills plants.  Finally, there are established populations of beneficial microorganisms and near microscopic insects that help break down decaying organic matter into nutrients usable by the plants.

Since they are living, breathing and growing works of art, the photographs here are representative of the current collection. There are several pieces going at any given time. The images range from very young gardens to older gardens that have seen many seasons of growth.

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